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Grierson Ramsay

Founder and Registered Manager

Grierson has been working within social care for over 25 years, gained in various settings throughout the UK, including hospitals, psychiatric units, residential care homes, nursing homes, supported living, home care and various social work teams. He is highly rated by the teams he has worked with and managed for the clarity, commitment and deep understanding of policy, process and legislation that help guide decision making in very challenging and risky situations.


Grierson became a social worker because of his commitment to improving the quality of life for people who are disabled. He recognises that disability is more about how society is organised than it is about any individual conditions or impairments. Integrity Care was founded as an extension of this commitment; to provide the best service possible to people with physical or mental impairments, whilst working to remove the obstacles and barriers to opportunities through a deep understanding of the care and support system.


Grierson has been a safeguarding adults co-ordinator for local authorities and has a huge amount of experience in working with complex, crisis and safeguarding work both as practitioner, manager and chair.


Grierson is also a fully qualified PROACT-SCIPr-UK instructor.

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Grierson has been supporting people with physical or mental impairments to identify and achieve goals for over 20 years

Woman helping an elderly man with shopping

Since Grierson and his team took over the support role for O, they have been very caring and understanding of his particular needs and demanding behaviours. They have got to know him and understand him very well. I can always share concerns with Grierson. In spite of his workload he always has time to speak to me when necessary.


There have been a number of family issues, Grierson is very quick to pick up on them and offer support to me as well as O. As he enjoys walking, the staff chosen to care for him can match the pace.


I have found Grierson and his team excellent. It is a big relief to me to know that he is in capable hands.

Family member of Integrity Care client

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