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Integrity Care's services are suitable for anyone requiring assistance to maintain independence in their own home. This includes personal care and companionship for older people and support for those with disabilities or complex care needs.


We are committed to supporting our clients as flexibly as possible


Everyone has different needs, routines and rhythms and we provide care when and how our clients require it



We develop bespoke care packages that meet and evolve with each of our clients unique set of needs




Helping our clients to achieve independence


Responsibility is key to achieving greater independence. Integrity Care supports clients to take personal responsibility by helping them to understand available choices and associated risks

Integrity's Home Care packages support your chosen lifestyle and range from short weekly visits to daily 24 hour care



We empower clients to choose the lifestyle they want to lead

We support people to communicate what is important to them, and how to achieve their goals as independently as possible



Our approach is unconditional positive regard for everyone

Everyone is capable of achieving great things every day. We support clients to continually build and develop every day to take the next steps to greater independence



'Enable' is the opposite of 'disable'

Enabling people is about ensuring people have the tools and support in place that they need to live the life they want and do things that are important to them

Care for older people and people with physical disabilities

We offer 24/7 care services including:

Older people

Care for people with learning difficulties and/or autism

We offer 24/7 care services including:

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Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you

- Misty Copeland



We do everything we can to achieve outcomes as identified in assessments and support plans. We develop clear support plans detailing the steps we will take together to achieve each goal.

Most importantly, when we achieve outcomes, we notify the professionals involved so that goals and resources can be reviewed.


In our line of work, communication is key. In each challenging incident, communication needs to be elevated and enhanced.

We listen, act and communicate with involved professionals to the best of our ability and at all times to ensure we are providing the best service possible and to manage risks effectively.

Man with Down Syndrome Playing Violin

I would like to say a huge thank you to the Integrity Team, you have gone above and beyond to help/support myself and my brother PB. You have always provided the support I have needed and I can’t thank you enough.

I would highly recommend Integrity Care to anyone that needs support.

Sue Chadwick

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