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Integrity Care was founded on the commitment and desire to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities, mental health issues and ​physical impairments



We support our clients to feel in control of their lives

Integrity Care was founded by Grierson Ramsay to create greater equality within our society and communities. Since 2010, we have been putting quality and integrity first, whilst providing the best value service possible. This is achieved through years of experience in the care sector, where we have developed an understanding of what is important to people who access services and to commissioning authorities.


In the care sector, often the focus for care providers is on profit, which comes at the expense of quality of care and encouraging independence. As a private company, profit is important. However, we pride ourselves in supporting our clients to achieve greater independence.

Rather than hamper our business model, our achievements and success in supporting independence is rewarded by referrals and recommendations. We know that if we can support clients to need our service less, we are supporting them to truly evolve.


Registered with and regulated by the CQC to provide personal care

Supporting clients to need our service less, enabling them to truly evolve

Creating greater equality within our society and communities since 2010

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money,

and that is sincerity and integrity

- Douglas Adams

The Team

Our team of over 30 support workers are matched to each client based on needs

We pride ourselves in having caring, compassionate and committed staff. Our team of over 30 support workers provide the best service possible and treat everyone with dignity and respect. 

All our staff are trained in the approaches and interventions of PROACT-SCIPr-UK, to support individuals with challenging behaviour. They are equipped with the skills to identify and define active interventions that will reduce the risk of behaviour escalation. This supports clients with a variety of needs, and in particular those with learning difficulties. Our team includes PROACT-SCIPr-UK instructors.

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Founder & Director

I have been a qualified social worker for 16 years and working with adults and children with learning disabilities, autism and mental health issues since 1995. I love surfing and spicy food. I like going on holiday to new places, usually near a beach with waves

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Jasper O'Connor

Registered Manager

I have worked within the support sector for 10 years, experiencing both Ofsted and CQC regulations. I have held roles within Senior Management for the last 4 years and recently completed my level 7 Masters in HR Management. My experience includes focusing on improving standards of support, improving quality assurance and compliance.  I enjoy training, traveling and going to the theatre

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Robbie Boyd

Training Manager

I am a qualified Child Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioner and trainee Counsellor and Therapist. I have over 10 years teaching experience working with people with Mental Health disorders and challenging behaviour, gained in a variety of settings. My three main passions in life are music, writing and cooking

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